DIY Military Jacket!

Military jackets have been on trend for the past few seasons. Last year, I was on the hunt and found a few jackets and different thrift stores and consignment shops. They ranged in price from $6.00 to $25.00 depending on the style. One of my favorite jackets was purchased from the Georgia Ave. thrift store in DC, and it has a cool patch for the Public Health division. I always get compliments when I rock it.

I knew I wanted to customize one of my jackets to make it my own. While visiting New York, I came across M&J Trimming off 6th Ave, and they had a huge display of iron on patches. They ranged from everything including flowers, crosses and quotes. I spent about an hour in the store choosing patches that describe my personality. One of my favorite is a round patch with two female hands and says Girl Gang. It is so important for women to come together and support each other. A few weeks later, I decided to add the patches to my jacket. The hardest task was to position the patches to my liking. I used a very hot iron and scrap fabric to attach the patches. After a few minutes, my jacket was finished and I was so excited.

I decided to pair it with faux leather leggings, a dark denim jacket, statement earrings and chucks for a casual Friday outfit. I was super comfortable and received tons of compliments on my jacket. It is a statement piece and I can see myself rocking it with a wife beater and distressed jeans or even a body con dress and platform heels. If you like to stand out like me, customize a piece of clothing to make a statement!

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