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Jrink's Tis The Season!

I love cold pressed juice all year round, yet I have been too lazy to make my own juice. Luckily there are some cool spots around the DC area that hit the spot every time. Jrink Juicery offers a wide variety of juices and nut milk shakes in DC and Virginia

I stopped by the Clarendon location to check out what they were offering. Hailey, the sweet associate, told me about their holiday juice named Tis The Season. It contains apple, sweet potato, pear and cinnamon and tastes like a crisp Fall day. I have juiced sweet potato before and it turned out to be a disaster. It tasted too much like a root vegetable drink, but they got it right. It isn’t too sweet and hits all the right notes on my tongue. I will definitely purchase it again, if it’s available. I also picked up Charge Me Up which looks like fancy coconut water. Hailey told me that it is very refreshing and will be good to drink after a tough workout to rehydrate yourself.

Each time I have visited Jrink, the staff are always super friendly and willing to help. If you have a taste for juice and are in the DC area, check them out and let me know what you think!

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