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Curvy Girl Fashion Tips!

Being a curvy girl is fabulous and I would not trade it for the world. Plus size fashion has come a lot way to make cuter clothes for us that don’t look like sheets and parachutes anymore. I complied a few curvy girl fashion tricks that work great for me and may help you.

Wrap Dresses:

These are treasures for curvy girls. Many curvy girls have smaller waists compared to our lower halves. The beauty of a wrap dress is that you can accentuate your tiny waist by tying the dress as loose or tight as it is comfortable. It will show off your hourglass shape and can be dressed up or down.

Knee Highs and Thigh Highs:

I love to show off my legs at all times. If you have been following me for some time, you know that I love Unitees reverse dye socks. Each pair is uniquely made and comes in a variety of colors. Thigh high socks show off your thick legs. If you are height challenged like myself, it also makes you appear longer and taller.

Wide Belts:

Wide stretchy belts are your best friend. They help to show that tiny waist and brings an hourglass shape to shapeless dresses. I also utilize wide belts when I tuck my shirt in. It gives you instant shape. They are also very comfortable because of the stretch in the belt.

High Waisted Pants/Leggings:

If you wore high waisted pants back in high school, you may have gotten teased. However, they are great for a curvy figure. They are high enough to conceal your little pouch and brings out your waist. While on the hunt, search for high waisted pants or leggings and discover the difference. High waisted pants also allow you to wear cute crop tops.

Wear What You Want:

I always tell people to wear what they want and what is most comfortable for them. It is my #1 rule of thumb for personal style. If you feel good in it, then wear it. Over the years, I have come into my own sense of style even more and wore some daring items that I never thought I could pull off, but it all worked together because of my confidence. If you like it, wear it!

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