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How To Style Denim!

In the past few years, denim, including shirts, jackets and vests, has become a staple in essential clothing basics. There are countless ways to rock your denim from the workplace to the runway to Fun Day Sunday. It has always been one of my favorite materials to wear and I’m excited to share how to rock it.

Denim shirts used to only be reserved for Westerners in their dungarees and cowboy boots. Today, a denim shirt can be worn dress down tuxedo pants or dress up a plain pair of leggings. It is important to have a variety of shades of denim in your wardrobe based on what you pair it with. I have purchased shirts from various stores including thrift stores, The Gap and TJMaxx to name a few. When I was curvier, I purchased men’s denim shirts because they are roomier to cover my curves. My favorite denim shirt is made by Paper Denim and Cloth and was purchased from Marshall’s years ago. It is a men’s shirt, so I love the heaviness of the material and how the shirt is made. I have worn it open with leggings and sneakers, paired with an African print maxi skirt and heels and even wrapped around my waist to dress down an outfit and add an extra layer. I would even dare to pair a denim shirt with a very dressy sequin skirt or pants and some heels to create a balanced outfit.

Denim jackets have always been on trend and can be worn all year round if paired correctly. They are clutch in the Spring and Summer for those cool mornings and can be layered in the Fall with a puffy vest or cute blazer. They also come in a variety of shades and can be bleached or distressed. You can also personalize your jacket by adding pins and patches to give it flair. Denim vests are also an option for outerwear and an added layer. I have a few vests, but usually wear a cut off cropped distressed vest that I purchased years ago. I mostly wear vests in the summer over maxi dresses or a strapless top to get away with keeping my shoulders covered. About a year ago, I found a cute quilted denim vest that has extra warmth that can withstand these winter months when paired with a chunky sweater and Uggs.

My all-time favorite denim piece is a maxi denim dress that I found at Fia’s Fabulous Finds infamous basement. When I bought the dress, I intended to wear it as a dress with some boots during the Fall. However, it did not fit over my hips. One day, I decided to layer it over a t-shirt dress and rock it open as a denim duster with some Fearless Threads fabric buttons for extra funk. This also shows that you can style your items and use them in multiple ways.

Remember, denim is just not for jeans anymore. It can be incorporated into your everyday wardrobe You don’t have to spend tons of money to get quality denim items. Look at your local thrift stores and consignment shops for denim. I also find the best vintage denim items in those shops. The Gap also have classic great denim shirts and jackets, but wait until their sales to purchase. Remember our motto; We never buy full price!

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