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Hashtag Sunglasses!

Sunnies are one of my favorite accessories to wear. I love all shapes and sizes, especially vintage sunglasses. As with any accessory, they add an extra layer of style to any outfit be it leggings and a sweatshirt to a sexy dress. I was recently contacted by Hashtag Sunglasses to become an affiliate member. Through the program, I can purchase their product at a discounted rate, as well as share a discount code with my followers and friends for them to enjoy some glasses.

The website offers all type of glasses in many shapes. I could choose one pair. I went with #Camo because of the details. I love a cat eye frame because of its funkiness. The glasses also combine two of my favorites; camo and floral print on the frames. I also chose the brown tint for my lenses color. A few weeks later, I received my glasses and sported them that day. I was impressed with the quality of the glasses and will order from the site again.

As an affiliate, my friends can order sunnies as well. If you are interested, use NewShades4You for free express shipping and 10% off your order.

Hashtag Sunglasses

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