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Pattern Mixing!

Pattern mixing is a fashion skill that I have acquired over the years. One of my great friends, FiFi, the owner of Fia's Fab Finds, is a master. She knows just the right way to pair flowers with stripes and leather with lace. There is a fine line between clashing patterns and doing a creative spin on your outfit. Hopefully I can offer a few tips on how to mix your patterns correctly.

1. Keep your patterns in the same color palette.

I believe that it is perfectly fine to combine polka dots and stripes as long as they are in the same color palette.

2. Adding a solid pop of color.

A bright colored shoe or accessory added to your pattern can add sass to your outfit.

3. Add texture as pattern mixing.

I love to pair leather leggings or a suede skirt to a cotton button up or top.

If you want to stand out with your fashion, try pattern mixing!

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