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I will always support small black businesses within urban communities because I love to find cool items that cater to my creative side. I never have a problem traveling and seeking out new businesses in our cities and communities. This particular Saturday afternoon, I drove to Baltimore to a small business fair featuring a new favorites, such as Fly Nerd Apparel and Taste This Cake, but also found new businesses like Artish.

Artish is a brand that caters to your artistic side. I was immediately drawn to the buttons that were featured in the display. There were a variety including Trendsetter, Dope Kid and Creative. The bold words on the black background of the button made the messages even more powerful. They also offers truck caps and beanies with bold sayings on them. I bought three buttons to adorn my distressed upcycled military jacket. I also bought some dope handmade car freshness for my younger brother in the shape of a young black prince.

I can't wait to go back up to Baltimore to visit Artish and see the cool items that are available. Go check them out on social media and get into the Artish side!


Instagram: art.iish


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