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The Importance of Supporting Small Business!

Small businesses have always been dope to me. Even as a child, my mom supported small business owners and it became a way of life. I feel that it is important to not always shop big retail and food service businesses. The joy and appreciation shown on a small business owner's face is priceless.

I appreciate small businesses because you are able to support another person's dream and passion. There is nothing like showing support and getting to know the person behind the brand, food, clothing or accessories. Many owners are so grateful and even may be willing to share their personal story of how they started their business. Each story contains ups and downs that they have endured in their business. A number of owners run their businesses as a side hustle and are able to maintain full time jobs. Other owners have courageously stepped out on faith and run their businesses as their sole source of income. Either way, I applaud and admire each small business owner for making it happen.

As a fashion and food blogger, I love small businesses because they provide unique goods. There is nothing wrong with big business retailers, but I hate seeing multiple identical items on a rack. It is much more fulfilling to know that a handful of goods were made and I am one of the chosen to be able to enjoy or rock their creation. I feel that it is also fulfilling to the owner to see that a blogger supports and promotes their brands. Each day, I make sure I tag each brand that I wear in order to show my gratitude.

Seek out dope small businesses in your local communities as well as online to support. I'm sure you won't be disappointed with your goods and they will forever be grateful for your support.

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