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Camo Is The New Neutral!

Have you noticed how military and camouflage fabrics and materials are on trend? It can be found everywhere and has become a new neutral.

I have always wanted an Army military field jacket and never knew where to get one. I checked several thrift stores without luck. I even tried venturing to I. Goldberg, but couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. One day while browsing one of my local thrift stores, I found a mint condition field jacket for $8.00! I couldn’t contain my joy and purchased it right away. After having the jacket in my possession for a few days, I didn’t quite know how to style it. I thought I could only wear it with all black or green. However, after I got past the camo print, I decided to mix materials and patterns to achieve one of my favorite looks. Whenever I travel to New York, I always take a trial outfit that seems so different and off the wall. I figure the city is the best place to try it out. There are tons of eclectic people there and if it’s an epic fail, nobody who knows me will remember it. This particular day, I wore a short denim shirt dress, mismatch thigh high socks, a colorful statement necklace, Minnetonka slippers and my field jacket. I had to learn to use it as a neutral and not see it as too many patterns in my look. It came together great and I received tons of compliments that day. From then on, I was hooked on camo.

I have purchased everything from more field jackets to a handmade Denim camo kimono (shout out to Fearless Threads). I love that it can be dressed up or down. My next quest is to find a pair of Army camo pants to pair with a distressed denim jacket, vintage graphic tee and chucks. A few months ago, I bought tons of iron on patches and customized one of my jackets. It was super easy and came out perfect. It’s another way to make your camo more versatile and add extra color to it. Also, it sets you apart from other jackets out there.

Fashion and style is about wearing what you want and having it make you feel great in it. Next time you are out shopping, don’t pass by camo inspired items. Stand out and rock your fashion!

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