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Pinoy Kitchen!

So am I the last person to find out how delicious Filipino food is! Over the summer, I discovered a street vendor that serves Filipino food in Eastern Market. This is called Pinoy Kitchen and it has definitely set a standard in my opinion. The stand is run by an adorable husband and wife team and most of the food is cooked to order. I ordered adobo chicken the first time I visited. It was delicious and served over white rice. They always have BBQ chicken skewers on the grill to pull you in as you scroll by.

Recently, I have been obsessed with their stir fry. Last weekend, I worked at Fia's, but couldn't figure out what I wanted to eat. I decided to go down to the market to see who was around. The weatherman called for snow, so I knew the choices would be slim. Thankfully, Pino Kitchen was there. I ordered my usual BBQ chicken stir fry. It consists of fresh veggies, rice noodles and BBQ chicken in a savory sauce. It is cooked in front of you and served fresh. All the flavors marry nicely and is priced at $8.00! They also serve adobo sliders, dumpling cakes and fried rice.

If you love street food, are in the DC area for the weekend and may want to try something new; check out Pinoy Kitchen. They are the sweetest couple and serve dope food!

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