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Soup Up DC!

Soups are near and dear to my heart because they remind me of my mommy. She can make the best pots of soup that I have ever tasted. Her beef vegetable soup, which is my Gram’s recipe, is to die for! There is currently a container of frozen soup in my freezer whenever I need a taste of home. I have had more fails than success when it comes to making it. It seems like it is a special art to it and I leave it up to the professional soup makers!

A few weeks ago, as I was driving through DC on Kennedy St; I passed a cool spot called Soup Up DC. It is housed at 709 Kennedy St. NW and offers an array of soups and other small plate options. There are also fresh cold pressed drinks available for purchase. I ventured over to Soup Up not knowing what I would encounter. As I entered the establishment, I was greeted by the sounds of R&B and friendly faces. The employee working explained each soup that was available and offered samples. Their soups are all low sodium and do not contain dairy, butter, oil or pork. The soups that were available included Green Machine, Beef Bone Broth, Chili Fiesta (Chicken and Turkey Chili) and South of the Border (Red Bean Soup). I tried the red bean soup which was delicious. I also asked the young lady who was assisting me her favorite and she enthusiastically said Beef Bone Broth! She was correct; it was so delicious and very flavorful. I ordered a cup of Beef Bone Broth as well as a Jerk Shrimp Spring Roll. I barely made it home before I finished the spring roll. It was super flavorful!

There are other options of soups available and I was told that the menu changes weekly. I will definitely return and take my soup connoisseur (my mommy) to check out Soup Up DC!

Soup Up DC

709 Kennedy St. NW

Washington, DC 20011

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