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Bespoke Not Broke!

I have been following (almost stalking) Bespoke Not Broke for some time. James is the creative mastermind, who specializes in vintage clothing, including camo coats and even fur. His beauties are situated all over DC in several boutiques and shops. I have been to a few shops including Vintage and Charmed in Anacostia Arts Center and Polly Sue's Vintage Shop in Tacoma Park.

For the past few weeks, he's had an amazing sale where his vintage furs and camo items were 75% off! It was unbelievable and I knew I had to go. I stopped by Polly Sue's one evening. To my surprise, James was hanging out and entertaining customers as they shopped. There were all sorts of vintage goods to explore. During the summer, I found this dope camo jacket at a local pop up. To my surprise, it was a Bespoke Not Broke jacket. The color was amazing which included a splash of red. It is described as Swiss Alpenflage jacket. I also found a dope honey colored mink stole in the women's section. It fit perfectly and I knew I had to have it. Both prices came to $50 with tax! I couldn't believe I was receiving such a great deal and being able to shop exclusively with James. As the sale has carried on, I have purchased a few more jackets as well as a pair of camo pants that I can't wait to wear.

Bespoke Not Broke's goods are always in excellent shape and very stylish. I know that James is offering this great sale for the next few days in DC. Stop by to score awesome deals as he makes room for his Spring collection!

Bespoke Not Broke

IG: @bespokenotbroke

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