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The Head Nut!

Some people get excited when they walk into their favorite clothing or gaming store. Seeing aisles and bins of bulk spices and loose teas makes me a happy girl. The Head Nut, located in historic Reading Terminal Market in Philly is heaven to me. It is seated in the back of the market and offers everything from Saffron to Columbian coffee.

My mom and I spent the weekend together to celebrate her birthday. She requested a day full of small business shopping and breakfast in the terminal. We both ventured there around Christmas and scored on spices. There are bins of endless spice selections. Everything is sold in either ounces or pounds. It's so cool to open the containers to take in the spices before you buy them. When I am grocery shopping, I always seem to end up spending at least 10 minutes in the spice aisle trying to find something cool to experiment with. The problem is that I'm not able to smell before I buy and I don't really needs 8 oz of steak seasoning for one meal. Another perk is that they offer spices like garlic pepper or lemon pepper without salt. Be mindful to read your labels because many spices you think don't have salt, usually have a substantial amount in them.

During this visit, I scored some poultry seasoning, lemon curry powder, greek seasoning and some vet approved natural dog treats for Chewee. The selection is so great and the pricing is so affordable. I plan to create some custom blends in the near future for signature dishes I create. They also have a wide variety of loose teas. My mom and I are tea people but differ in our tastes. She love rooibos teas and is obsessed with their carrot cake rooibos, while I am more of a green or white tea girl. I purchased their Swamp Water tea which is delicious. The only way I can describe it is a fruity mint green tea blend. I can't wait to serve it over ice with fresh mint and seasonal fruit in a mason jar.

I have to contain myself when I come up to visit because I always want to try something new. The Head Nut is a staple for my pantry. They have an online store that includes most of their inventory. If you are a foodie and an inspiring cook (like me); check them out.

The Head Nut

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