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The Alibi!

This week I started a new job in downtown DC. To me, that means that I get to discover new eateries in the area to try. There is a cafeteria in the building, but I wanted to get out and explore a little. This particular rainy afternoon, I stumbled upon The Alibi. It is described as a British American pub that serves everything from traditional fish and chips to bangers and mash to marinated chicken wings. I glanced over the menu and decided to try their cilantro lime wings and sweet potato fries dusted with cinnamon sugar and paired it with homemade ginger soda.

As my food arrived, I couldn't believe how big the portions are. The wings were stacked up one plate and the fries on another. The wings came with a tangy dipping sauce that complimented the cilantro on the wings. The fries were cut like traditional British chips and were perfectly crispy. I love everything ginger, so I had to try the ginger soda. It wasn't overly carbonated or too sweet. While enjoying my meal, I interacted with the wait staff at the restaurant, who were super friendly. I finished my meal and was stuffed. Ron, one of the bartenders, was even nice enough to send me on my way with a ginger soda to go.

I posted my meal on Instagram and found out that The Alibi is the place to go. A few of my friends raved about the great food there. I knew I found a gem. This afternoon, after pondering what to have for lunch, I found myself back at The Alibi. This time I tried their Smoked Club; which was piled high with smoked turkey and ham, bacon, gouda, lettuce and tomato on wheat toast. I loved the sweet potato fries so much, I got them again. My meal was delivered to me quickly and was just as fresh as the first visit. I know that I will find some other cool eateries as I continue to explore the area. But whenever I am in the mood for some great pub food, I will be sure to find my way back to The Alibi.

The Alibi

237 2nd St. NW

Washington, DC 20001

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