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Infused Water!

Water, of course, is essential for all of us. If I am honest, I get bored with plain water day after day. I also like to drink something that is refreshing and flavorful with my meals. A few years ago, infused water was all the rage. Everywhere you turned, you would see bottles or pitchers with a tube to add your fruit or herbs. I was totally obsessed with creating and finding new recipes for infusing my water. I even have a Pinterest page dedicated to my water recipes.

It can be especially difficult for me to get my daily water intake while at work.Infused water is a colorful and flavorful way for me was to add natural flavor to my water. Pinterest is my go to for most of my recipes. I started with adding lemon to my water which was delicious. However, I was looking to add extra flavor. My next recipe consisted of adding strawberry and cucumbers along with the water. It tastes like a refreshing light strawberry lemonade. The trick to infused water is to let it sit as long as possible before drinking it. If you can, infuse it overnight for delicious water for your day. I am never that prepared and I begin infusing when I get to the office. Since the flavor helps me to drink more water; I refill and find myself drinking about a half gallon a day! Infused water can also be used for health benefits and even assisting with weight loss. For example, I know that fresh ginger is good for digestion. You can also infuse unsweetened green tea with fruit for a different spin on sweetening tea and not taking away the benefits of it.

The flavor of your water really is up to you. I was talking to a fellow blogger and stylist (hey Lana) yesterday and she loves to put watermelon and mint in her water. Melon is delicious for the summer time. The other benefit of infusing your water is to use frozen fruit. It is both cheaper than using fresh fruit and will keep your water cold as the day goes on. I usually buy frozen fruit from Trader Joe's because it is so affordable.

As the summer approaches, try adding some fruit and herbs to your water for a different flavor. The combinations are endless. Check out my Pinterest page for some of the recipes that I use for my water.

Happy Infusing!

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