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Goodwill Boston!

 I spent the first half of the week away on business. During that time, I was suffering from a cold and we all know that Boston does not always have the best weather. The first day I arrived, it snowed for majority of the day and rained each day following. I was in no mood to explore the city in those conditions. However, I knew I wanted to find a thrift store if possible. To my surprise, there were a variety of consignment and thrift stores in Davis Square near my job. There was Buffalo Exchange, Thrive and my favorite, Goodwill.

I found my way into the Goodwill there. It was a bit smaller than other stores, but the quality of merchandise was amazing. I knew I couldn’t buy too much, so I didn’t pick up too much. I found brands such as Armani, Salavtore Ferragamo and Prada. Most of the items were in smaller sizes, so luck for me. However, I found a cute sweater and some shoes. I used to upset when I would not be able to find thrifted clothing in my size. However, I know I can always stumble upon shoes. I first found a pair of Nike Kevin Durant sneakers in perfect condition. I can be a bit of a sneaker head, but they have to be unique to catch my eye. These are low top with Kelly green and apricot color tones. They will be super cute in the summer with some cut off shorts and a denim shirt. I am one of the biggest Betsey Johnson fan out there. I love everything from her home goods to shoes. I can always spot her from the funky leopard and hot pink soles of her shoes. There was a great pair of silver glitter peep toe, 4 inch heels peeking out on one of the shelves. To my surprise, they were my size and fit my foot. I felt like Cinderella when I slipped them on. They are great heels that can be dressed up or down depending on your mood. If you are ever in the mood for a shoe that stands out, look for Betsey’s shoes.

As I was being cashed out, the sales associate informed me that my Betsey shoes were an orange tag, which made them half out. I scored those amazing heels for $3.25! The  Nike KD’s were $8.50 and the sweater was $6.00! What a deal; everything for under $20! I enjoyed the time I spent in Boston, but the great savings I found in the Goodwill made the entire trip worthwhile!

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