Boston Burger Company!

Last week, I traveled to Boston for work training. I happened to catch a cold the day before I left, so my trip wasn’t the most enjoyable. However, I decided to venture out for some good lunch. One of my co-workers insisted that I visit Boston Burger Company before I left.

I am not a huge beef eater, but I do love the occasional burger. Boston Burger Company is located in the heart of David Square in downtown Somerville. When I was seated and started to look over the menu, I couldn’t believe all the choices available. I decided to go with the 420 burger, which has everything but the kitchen sink. It is a burger with mozzarella stricks, fried mac and cheese, an onion ring, fries, bacon, American cheese and golden BBQ sauce. The waitress asked if I wanted a side of fries and I can’t say no to a potato. The food finally came over and I couldn’t believe how massive everything was. It definitely can be shared between two moderately hungry people or one hangry person(as I was). The flavor of the golden BBQ sauce was the perfect touch to the burger. It sounds like a huge mess, but it was delicious. The burger was cooked just right and the fries (potato wedges) were hot and crispy.

If you are ever in the Somerville area, you will find a variety of hip shops and eateries. And if you ever want a nicely cooked burger and fries; look for Boston Burger Company and bring your appetite!

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