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Isle of Mecca!

It’s so dope to have friends who are super talented. If you know me, you know that I love to support all small businesses as much as possible. Last summer, I meant a crazy talented guy named Malcolm who became a positive force behind Eatnstyle. He is always open to listen to my fears and ideas for my brand. He is a marketing genius and came up with creative ways to reach my followers in social media. Malcolm always has his hands in several pots and is always coming up with ideas. His most recent is a natural hair care line called Isle of Mecca.

Malcolm is a chemist by trade and understands different facets of science. He is also a strong leader in the natural hair community as he rocks his locs. It only made sense for him to formulate a hair care line. Each product is sulfate and paraben free, as well as vegan. Over the past few weeks, he launched the line and has been passing out samples to several people in the community. I received my sample and tried it out. The products are not overly scented and can be used by men and women. Both the shampoo and conditioner smell and feel like they have tree tea oil or mint in the formula because you get a gentle tingle in your scalp after the product is applied. I did appreciate that you do not need a lot of product for it to build in your hair. The products rinsed out easily and did not leave residue. The shampoo can even be used as body or beard wash.

I expressed that I loved the tingle feeling from the natural ingredients and I feel that his hair care line will be awesome. I stand behind him 100% as his line takes off. If you are looking to support a great guy with dope natural products, check out Isle of Mecca. Please check out their website and social media for all information.


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