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Cajun Kate's!

I would never think that Wilmington Delaware would have hidden gems nestled in their neighborhoods. Every time I visit my mom, it seems that I find dope little spots with delicious food. One particular trip, I went into Cajun Kate’s on Philadelphia Pike in Wilmington. It is a small spot giving big flavor.

Their menu is not huge, but the selection is great. They have weekly specials including featured gumbo. A few weeks ago, I tried their Smoked Brisket gumbo. You could taste the richness of the roux and it was full of tender brisket. I posted the picture to Instagram and was blown away by the response from my followers. Everyone wanted to know where I got this gumbo. Even the pastor of the church that I attend, posted and asked me on Mother’s Day where he could get that gumbo! Last weekend while I was home, I made it a point to get over to Cajun Kate’s. My little brother and I went over for lunch. The featured gumbo was z’Herbes with Shrimp and Smothered Collard Greens, which I had to have. We also ordered the Crispy Cajun Mac and Cheese with Crab and Artichokes. The food is so rich that I could only eat the mac and cheese. I am super critical of mac and cheese because my mom makes the best. She has a secret recipe that she learned from her aunt that is so rich and creamy.

When we got home, Miles devoured his gumbo and we shared the mac and cheese. I wasn’t sure how the crab and artichoke would vibe in the mac and cheese, but it works together. It was accompanied with a sweet and tangy sauce similar to A-1 steak sauce that elevated the flavor. A few days later, I had the gumbo and it was so good. The collards were tender and married well in with the shrimp and dark roux. I can’t wait to go back to Cajun Kate’s to see what other goodies they have. If you are ever in the Wilmington area, try Cajun Kate’s and let me know what you think!

Cajun Kate's

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