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Milk and Honey Cafe!

This past Friday, my great girlfriend Crystal and I met up for brunch. We worked together at my previous job, and we try our best to meet up as much as we can because she's so dope. We settled on going to Milk and Honey Cafe in Bowie. The original restaurant in Beltsville has been open for a few years and have gained tons of popularity in this area. Last year, I attempted to visit and the wait was at least 2 hours! That must be some great brunch.

We figured that it wouldn't be too busy on a random Friday morning. Fast forward to Friday, we arrived at 9:00am; we got seated with no problem. The entire staff was so pleasant and knowledgable. Our waitress was super chill and patient with us. Crystal built her own sandwich with smoked bacon, scrambled eggs, and cheese on a croissant while I had the deep fried salmon hash. It came on a bed of cheesy hash browns, wilted spinach and a Cajun cream sauce. Our food came out at a swift pace. Right after the food arrived, Rhonda, the manager came over to see how our experience was so far. We told her that it was our first time there and we were politely impressed. She told us about their newest location in College Park that had a similar menu with a few differences, She was nice enough to go by every table and check on the patrons.

The food was delicious! Who knew that deep fried salmon was a thing?!? Usually I add black pepper to anything I eat, but it wasn't needed for this dish. Everything was so flavorful and the portions were huge! Crystal and I have already set our next brunch date to Milk and Honey Cafe. The Rumchata soaked french toast and berries sounds amazing and I can't wait to go back!

Milk and Honey Cafe

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