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Thrifted but Brand New!

Thrift shopping has always been an adventure for me. The thrill of finding great bargains has excited me since my years in high school and it has gotten better over time. Lately, I have found some of my dopest items through thrifting. A few of the items have even been brand new. Who would give up new goods for me to buy them for a far less reduced price?

I have found that the Goodwill on South Dakota Ave in DC has the best variety of shoes. My wardrobe is busting at the seams, but there is always room for shoes. A few months ago while browsing the racks, I came across a pair of Circus Sam Edelman sandals. They were my size and in perfect condition as I tried them on. I checked out the soles and to my surprise had never been worn. To make things even better, the price was $8.00! I wore them with a striped dress from the Gap to compliment my shoes. Over the past few weeks, I have been stalking a pair of Kate Spade clear glittery jelly sandals on Vinted. I watched the price slowly decrease. I thought they were cute, but couldn't convince myself to purchase them. Finally I decided that I had to have them and purchased them. I felt even better with the purchase, because the young woman I bought them from, has a medical condition is using the funds to cover her health concerns. When they arrived, they were brand new and looked like they never stepped foot outside of any carpeted area.

As I always say, I think of thrifting as a bit of a sport. It is the thrill of the search that keeps me going back for more. It's an even better feeling when the item that you found is brand new, but a fraction of the price. Double win! Have you ever found any new finds while thrifting? I can't wait to hear all about them!

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