Coolhaus Awesome Ice Cream!

Fun fact: My two favorite foods are ice cream and french fries. It's the perfect combination of sweet and salty and is super delicious. My obsession with ice cream and french fries started when I dipped a fry into a Wendy's frosty...Yummy! I'm always looking for eclectic ice cream flavors when cruising the frozen food aisle in ShopRite. The most outrageous, the better. 

This particular trip; I stumbled upon Coolhaus Awesome ice cream. The company is a woman owned company, which makes me want to support even more. The flavors were so out there and on sale for $2.88 a pint. I picked up Street Cart Churro, Campfire S'mores and the one that really caught my eye, Milkshake and Fries AKA Fast Food! I took them home and put them up with my other stash. I swear my freezer is full of pints of ice cream, butter and frozen meat from my local Pennsylvania butcher shop. A few nights later, I dared to try Milkshake and Fries. It's Salted Tahitian Vanilla bean ice cream, shoestring french fries and milk chocolate malt balls. I don't like hard ice cream, so I let it sit out for about 10  minutes before I dove in. I was a bit apprehensive with the thought of cold hard fries encased in ice cream, but why not try it. The flavor of the ice cream works well together. I appreciate that the malt balls are broken up and the fries are broken in small pieces which leaves room for more ice cream. I have a love/hate relationship with Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream because they prefer to put whole peanut butter cups and brownies in their ice cream. It doesn't leave a lot of room for the ice cream. Because Coolhaus ice cream is super rich and I'm watching my girlish figure, I only ate about 3 spoonfuls. It definitely satisfied my sweet tooth. 

I am excited to try the Churro and S'mores flavors. They both sound delicious. The S'mores flavor boasts a graham cracker cookie butter-marshmallow swirl that has me intrigued and the Churro flavor is made with brown butter ice cream, which sounds amazing. If you love ice cream, or you're looking to venture away from the basic vanilla; check out Coolhaus Awesome ice cream. I found mine at ShopRite on sale, so I would going there. In the meantime, they have a website that shows all the flavors as well as ice cream sammies. The Buttered French Toast flavor and Balsamic Fig and Mascarpone are both calling my name! 

Happy Eating!

Coolhaus Awesome Ice Cream

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