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Good Fashion Basics!

Building your wardrobe is an ongoing task. My rule of thumb is that it’s all about to basics. Most of my best outfits start with a white T-shirt, some form of denim or black pants. It’s how you build upon your basics that makes it pop. Here’s my list of fashion basics that every woman should have in her closet.

White T-shirt

I can't live without an array of white t-shirts in my closet. In the summer, I'm usually seen sporting a fitted tank top or t-shirt with everything from jeans, to maxi skirts to overalls. There are so many styles of t-shirts that you can't go wrong. A few of my favorites include one with a split neckline, distressed with rips and holes, sleeveless tank top and the classic scoop neck tee. This summer, I found my basic tees at H&M. Their basics section is perfect for building up your wardrobe. If you buy two or more tees, they are $5 each. You really can't beat it.


I've never really had a favorite color that I love to wear; however denim is my all time favorite material to sport. A great pair of jeans, shorts or denim shirt is always on trend. For me, it's the most basic fundamental to have in your closet. So much can be done with it. I have worn denim to church, work and incorporated it into my weekend wears. It is equally important to find the right rinse of denim to rock with your outfits. I say to have dark and light wash items in your wardrobe. A few acid wash specialty items can be thrown in for fun. The perfect denim jacket and/or vest is essential for any girl. I won't even start to count how many I have in my closet. My favorite jacket was given by my friend Yanecia and is completely distressed. It fits well and I wear it all the time. Denim shirts can be worn over linen shorts, a vintage tee or paired with a printed maxi skirt. The possibilities are truly endless. One week, I plan to challenge myself to wear an article of denim to work everyday and see what I come up with.

Converse Sneakers

Growing up, I wasn't much of a sneaker girl, but I do remember my dad sporting some beige high top Converses. He would look so crazy because they would be laced tightly around his legs. My dad has always been far ahead of fashion and wore what he wanted(where I get it from). Years later, I can't live without my chucks. I can't remember the very first pair I bought, but once I figured out how to rock them, I was hooked. I would hear people complain that they are too flat and hurt after hours of wear, but I was very comfortable in my chucks. About 15 pairs later, I wear my chucks all year round. I even wear chucks just about every Friday with the hashtag #wewearchucksonfriday. I have rubber ones, rain repellent ones, floral and every color from yellow to clear. I have found some of my favorite chucks at Goodwill for around $10! I rock my chucks with dresses, skirt, shorts, leggings and jeans.

Diamond Stud Earrings

I am a jewelry addict. I value my jewelry so much because it contains vintage pieces, my Gram's pearls and handmade goods. Upon everything, my favorite accessory that I can wear everyday are diamond stud earrings. They can be worn alone or accompany a funky statement necklace, stacked bracelets or a cool brooch. It is important to find a decent size stud for your style. I found some of cool studs at TJMaxx on clearance of course.

Fashion is all in what you make it to be. I love that I can wear heels, a dress and statement necklace on day and distressed shorts with a vintage tee the next. As long as you love and are comfortable with your look, it will be dope. The most important fashion accessory that you can rock is your confidence!

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