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Angie's Seafood Restaurant!

Baltimore has some of the best seafood in this area and I love to explore new restaurants there. I got to hang with my girls for dinner and some fun for my girl Candace's birthday. Me and six girlfriends met up at Angie's Seafood to celebrate. The menu contained a great variety including pasta, steam pots and traditional entrees. When I try new restaurants, I try to order dishes that I am not able to make at home. I settled on a filet of rockfish stuffed with crab, shrimp and scallops. My sides were broccoli and a baked potato. The other girls enjoyed dishes such as shrimp and crab alfredo and crab imperial.

The food arrived and everyone was pleased with their dishes. The conversation came to an immediate halt, which meant that the food was good. My fish was stuffed to capacity with whole shrimp and scallops and was fresh. It was so filling and the portion were so big that I could only eat half of my meal. I saw other entrees that I would consider like their seafood marinara, stuffed shrimp or grilled scallops.

I would definitely return to Angie's soon. It is a gem in the heart of Baltimore's Inner Harbor!

Angie's Seafood

1727 E Pratt St.

Baltimore, MD 21231

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