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The Shaking Crab!

A few days ago, I travelled to Boston for a staff retreat and to visit the home office. This was my second trip to the area called Somerville. It is a chic small part of town that offers cool shops and restaurants. After the retreat, I went back to my hotel that was located in Porter Square to get a much needed nap. I felt refreshed and ready to hit the streets. I walked over to Davis Square for the Goodwill store on Elm St. The last time I visited, I found the Goodwill and shopped on my lunch break. This time around, I packed very light so I would be able shop as much as I could fit in my carry on.

After thrifting, I needed to eat. I knew I wanted to find a cool restaurant that was unique to Boston and didn't want common food. I found The Shaking Crab that was a few blocks from my hotel. The restaurant offers cajun flavored seafood. I was immediately seated and checked out the menu. I started with a cup of gumbo. It was spicy and tasty. Y'all know I am a sucker for great food presentation. The small bowl was garnished with a small piece of corn on the cob and sausage. I also ordered a combo bag of 1 lb of shrimp and1/2 lb of mussels. I chose their Housing Shaking sauce and added baby potatoes to the mixture. I love corn on the cob. My grandmother's favorite vegetable was corn on the cob and we would enjoy Jersey corn every summer. The Shaking Crab offered fried corn on the cob so I had to try it. My entree arrived almost immediately. Everything was hot and fresh. I shook the bag around to cover the seafood and potatoes with the sauce. The spice was not too hot or overwhelming and paired well with the corn. The fried corn was amazing. The texture of the kernels tasted as if the ear of corn was actually deep fried. It was definitely my favorite part of the meal. I ate about half of the meal and took the rest back to the room.

The cajun flavors is a unique spin on New England seafood and I enjoyed every bite. I definitely am thinking of how I can recreate their fried corn! Try out The Shaking Crab in Cambridge and their other locations!

The Shaking Crab

1815 Massachusetts Ave.

Cambridge, MA 02140

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