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Staying Cool and Work Appropriate!

This heat has been crazy in the DC area for the past week. It has been a task to find work appropriate yet breezy for the heatwave. I work in a federal government building which allows all sorts of dress codes. You may see three piece suits to sweatpants. Thankfully, my office is a bit laid back, so I am able to dress comfortably. Earlier in the week, I sported a silk blouse and ankle length pants. It was a super cute outfit, yet was not prepared for the heat of the day. The next day, I thought I would be a little smarter and rock a light pleated jumpsuit. It withstood the heat a little better, but the mid-day heat got the best of it during my afternoon walk. What was a girl to do?!

Finally yesterday, I figured out the perfect outfit to rock. Maxi dresses, in my opinion, are the best to wear especially in the summer. I purchased two thin strapped solid color dresses from Fia's Fabulous Finds in Petworth. She is transitioning lots of summer items to give way to Fall items by having a 50% off sale. Each dress is perfect for my 5"3 curvy build and has pockets! That morning, I threw on the dress with a tie dye denim black and white cut off vest and sandals. I added a few pins from local businesses of some of my favorite girl bosses. I was super comfortable and cool for my afternoon walk while appropriate for my desk job.

I love simple pieces because you can either dress it up or down according to the occasion. For an impromptu date with my boo last night, I wore the same dress with woven sandals and a denim shirt wrapped around my waist. The possibilities are endless!

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