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What I Wore For My Birthday!

Hey Guys!

I recently celebrated my birthday about two weeks ago and had the time of my life. My boyfriend requested that I wear a nice dress for dinner. In the past, I haven't celebrated my birthday in that fashion in years, so I was so excited to see what was in store.

A few days before, I found two dresses in my wardrobe that I thought would be suitable for dinner. However, being the fashionista I am, decided against both dresses the afternoon of my birthday. My first stop was of course to Fia's Fab Finds to see what caught my eye. Eugene was helpful, but I didn't find exactly what I envisioned wearing. Next I thought I would head to Goodwill to see what was there, but for some reason I went to Silver Spring. I had my birthday coupon from DSW and stopped in. I always head back to the clearance section. While searching through, I found some Betsey Johnson heels that I first fell in love with years ago. I love everything Betsey Johnson because it is always edgy and stands out. However these shoes are from her bridal line called Betsey Johnson Blue. They fit perfectly and I loved the champagne glitter that adorns the heel. The heel is a comfortable 4 inches so I knew I would be able to wear them for the evening. Now Betsey Johnson shoes can be pricey to a thrifter like me. The original price of the shoes were $80, but was in the clearance section for $70 and 20% off. I also remembered my birthday coupon, plus a 15% coupon that was sent to my email. I knew I wanted to look special for dinner and remembered how much I love the shoes years ago. After the cashier deducted my savings, the final price was $45.00 with tax! Now I had these slamming shoes, but nothing came to mind for the rest of the outfit. I went across the street to the shopping center and started in TJMaxx. I didn't h ave luck in TJMaxx or Marshalls. I didn't know exactly what I was looking for, but I wanted a dress that would not take away from the shoes. I walked into Ross feeling defeated. As I browsed the racks, I came across a simple cream bodycon dress. I rushed to the fitting room and couldn't believe that it fit. There were a few spots and makeup on it from someone wearing and returning it; but was on clearance for $9.99! I purchased the dress and rushed back to Fia's. Eugene had already pulled a few pair of drop earrings to finish the look off. I rushed home and threw the dress in the wash and hoped for the best. As my date pulled up at 8:00, I slipped into the dress and heels, added jewelry and finished the look with a cigar box purse.

I was so pleased by how the look came together and the smile on Jason's face said it all. I felt beautiful and amazed that I pulled it all together in about 2 hours and spent $60! The entire evening was gorgeous and I couldn't asked for more. Now I can't wait to rock those shoes with some distressed denim and t-shirt!

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