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My mommy came to visit over the weekend to help set up my new place. We are usually creatures of habit and visit The Hamiliton each time she comes into town. however, I wanted to take her to a different place that was not too far away and I knew I was good. We settled on Matchbox in Capitol Hill. I have been there a few times with my friend, Alexis for happy hour. They have great pizza and drinks.

After scoring a great parking spot, we were seated and checked out the menu. You know when you are just so hungry that you just want good food...that's was me and my mom. We both ordered bowls of cream of crab soup, which is phenomenal. My friend Alexis first told me about the soup years ago and how yummy it is. It is finished with sherry, which brings the flavor to a new level. Loads of fresh crab meat is also in the soup. After we finished our soup, the pizza arrived. We ordered the prosciutto and fig pizza. It's soooo good! Thin slices of prosciuttowith figs, black pepper honey and blue cheese gives the perfect balance of sweet and salty. It is topped with arugula and is thin crust which makes me feel like good. It is crisp and never greasy. We shared the entire pizza, because it doesn't heat well the next day (I know from experience.) My mom was satisfied with meal but wasn't stuffed.

I'm beyond sure that I will visit Matchbox again very soon. That cream of crab warms my heart and will also warm me up during these cold winter months that are forthcoming. I am so focused on that fig pizza, but I know I need to try other pizzas like their Fire and Smoke spicy pizza. If you are ever in the mood for good soup and a great happy hour, visit Matchbox!

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