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Trader Joe's Spices!

Years ago, I worked for Trader Joe's for almost 8 years. It was my absolute favorite position because it opened my eyes to the world of food and ultimately blossomed into the food fanatic that I am. I learned about different food options that all were available at a reasonable price. I will forever love TJ's.

Food is amazing, but adding the correct spices will elevate your dishes. One of my favorite sections at Trader Joe's is the spices. There is a little bit of everything there and come at a great price. Most spices come in nice glass jars with either a grinder or shaker top and the price point is around $1.99. There are other spice stores around town that costs almost quadruple the amount with the same amount of product. I used to think that I would only buy smoked paprika for special dishes, but finding it for $2.00 is quite a steal! I also get staples like cumin, turmeric and cayenne pepper. They also have spice blends with a grinder. My absolute favorite blend is the Everyday Seasoning. I use it on everything, but my favorite way to use it is on fresh green veggies like broccoli, brussel sprouts and asparagus. Add a hint of sea salt and some garlic pepper and they come out perfect every time. Another favorite is their Chili Lime seasoning which is excellent in Spanish based dishes like tacos or even can be sprinkled over popcorn for a different taste.

You never can be go wrong when you visit Trader Joe's. There is always something new to try and the crew members are always so helpful. They may even open up a product just so you can sample it before buying. Find the spice section the next time you are in the store and discover new flavors for your food!

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