Federal Donuts!

After Christmas shopping is the best! I've always wanted a pair of cool combat Dr. Marten's. While I was in the city, I decided to go to Walnut St to the retail store for sizing. Before I went back to my car, I found a small donut shop called Federal Donuts on Samson St. They offer specialty donuts and fried chicken. The fancy donuts for today were Blueberry Lemonade, Coffee Cake, S'mores, Chocolate Old Fashioned, Key Lime Pie and Pastelito. Their regular flavors included Cinnamon Brown Sugar, Strawberry Lavender and Cookies & Cream. As hard as it was to resist them, I ordered the two piece seasoned with Sesame Ginger. It came with a honey doughnut to enjoy.

When I ordered my food, it was only one other lady who already ordered. People seemed to pour in immediately following me. Many orders were coming in and leaving out. I was still waiting for my chicken 20 minutes later, but was also watching for the Parking Authority because I knew my parking ticket had expired. A few minutes later, I saw the authority come up to my car. I darted out to my car and had to move. As I circled the block, I couldn't find another parking spot. I called the shop to let them know I would be back for my food. They agreed and even offered to bring it out to me as a courtesy. In the end, traffic and time got the best of me and I had to get back down the road to meet a friend. I called and asked to give my food away to a person in need.

I'm sure the food is delicious judging on how customers were pouring through the doors. I hope that I can get back up to 16th and Sansom for Federal Donuts!

Federal Donuts


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