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Unitees Thigh High Socks!

Unitees is one of my favorite small businesses in the DC area. I have went from a shopper to a family friend over the years. I am always raving over the endless handmade creations. One of my favorites are their tie dye socks. A few eeks ago, they debuted their new and improved socks that fit us girls with thick thighs. I was so excited that I headed to thier warehouse to scope out the new colors. I picked up a few pair and went straight home to test them, and they do go all the way!

in the past, I had mostly worn my socks with shorts or maybe a dress. A few weeks ago, I wore them over a pair of jeans with sneaker wedges and a sweatshirt. I was very warm and comfortable. I also received tons of compliments. With these frigid temperatures lately, as a commuter, I find creative and fashionable ways to stay warm during my trek to work. Today, I scrunched the socks down like leg warmers and put on some Ugg boots.

The possibilities are endless and the colors are beautiful. Check out Unitees for your own Thick Thigh Tie Dye Socks!




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