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What To Do With Too Much Cooked Rice…Make Fried Rice!

I never seem to get my rice portions correct. It’s either too much or too little. I think it has something to do with coming from a household that ate rice close to everyday. My father would make a fresh pot every day for dinner, so I am used to cooking for a family of four. I’ve had cravings for stewed tomatoes and found a great deal for vine ripened tomatoes at the farmer’s market. The recipe from Pinterest seemed easy enough and I was successful with my tomatoes. They were served with fried fish, shrimp over jasmine rice. I made two cups of rice which stretched to four cups when cooked. After Jason and I ate dinner, there was still plenty of rice left. I decided to make fried rice!

I have made fried rice before and the secret is to use leftover rice because it works the best. I had most of the ingredients needed including raw chicken breasts cut up in stir fry pieces, leftover raw shrimp from Sunday dinner, eggs, sesame oil and carrots.I started with cooking the chicken and shrimp separately. After cleaning the pan out, I scrambled eggs with onions and carrots and added the cold rice to the pan. A little seasoning, fresh ginger, sesame oil and soy sauce was all that was needed. I added the chicken and shrimp on top and viola!

It was a full meal in less than 20 minutes from pan to table. Even Chewee was begging for a bowl!

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