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Mix'Em Collection!

One of my favorite jewelry designers is the AMAZING B. Alexis. Her vibrant colors and designs of jewelry are not only beautiful but you can tell they come from her heart. Our history begin a few years ago at Fia's Fab Finds festival. She was a vendor seated on one of the street corners. The bright colors immediately drew me in. It didn't help that she was super dope and had a great spirit. We clicked and I even did a blog on her that following week. Fast forward, I usually wear a piece of her jewelry twice a week from her wavy bracelets to bamboo shaped earrings and about 25% of my amoire is made from her dope hands.

A friendship also flourished and she definitely inspires and pushes me daily to reach my dreams. In exchange for being such an awesome friend, she solicits advice for new creative jewelry designs. My question for her is always why do things have to match? You should make a mismatch collection. The patterns would coordinate, but not necessarily have to match each other. I have been this idea in her mind so much, that she finally decided to take me up on it. She invited me over to check out her vast fabric collection and pair coordinating ones together for jewelry.

At first, I was a bit timid to pull out the fabric and dive right in, but with her persuasion and some delicious rum punch, I was elbow deep in her organized bags of ankara, metallic, denims, and solid colors. Soon I was pairing polka dots with ankara and arrows with stars. She was there to give her thoughts about what would really come across correctly based on the shape of the earrings. After 2 1/2 hours, we were finished. She has been busy creating masterpieces, which are dope.

Because of my help, it is called the Mix/Em Collection! Keep a lookout for the collection. I was so honored to work with her on such a dope project and that she would trust my creative eye. Here's a preview of the fabrics I chose! Go to her website, follow her on social media, or just stalk her like I do!

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