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Tights for Plus Size Thighs!

I hate stockings! They can be so uncomfortable, especially for a woman with thick thighs. They can be even more unbearable to find a brand in stores. Plus size tights are not created equal! A week ago, I attended a sneaker ball in Baltimore and needed fish net tights to finish my look. I had no idea where to look, but knew where I could find some areas.

Fill-a-bag weekend at Fia's Fab Finds was in full effect, so I ventured over to see my girlfriends. While I was hanging and browsing, another customer suggested Rainbow for fish nets. I knew that I didn't have much time and Rainbow would be in route back to my place. With hesitation, I went into the shop and was pleasantly surprised. There were tons of fish nets in my size with multiple designs. Even better, they were priced at $3.99 or 3 pairs for $10.00.

The evening of the ball, I was nervous to put them on. To my surprise, they were super comfortable and stayed up for the entire evening. It's always great to find just what you're looking for at a great price. These thick thighs are a blessing and a curse. I am just glad I found some cool stocking to cover them!

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