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Biscuits and Mixed Berry Jam!

I love snow days! My life can be so hectic and moving very fast. It is nice to be able to sit still for a while and enjoy my peace and space. One of my favorite methods to cook is in my crock pot. It's so easy to set it and forget it. I planned to make lamb stew with carrots, onion and yukon gold potatoes. It stewed for 6 hours and was delicious. However, the stew wasn't enough. I knew I needed something else to accompany my stew.

I always will tell you that I am not a baker. I hate measuring ingredients and I feel I can't show my creativity while baking. Then a biscuit came to mind. I knew I had limited ingredients, but figured I could find a simple drop biscuit recipe on Pinterest. I don't have a rolling pin and didn't want to think about manipulating dough. I found a cool recipe that only required a few things and was poured over a pan with melted butter. Who doesn't love butter! I had everything except for buttermilk, but I knew there was a way I could utilize the heavy cream I had in my fridge. Google knows everything. I found out I could use lemon juice to add acidity so the biscuits could rise. After 25 minutes in the oven, they had risen and hot butter was bubbling around them.

What's biscuits without sweet jam? My mother has been making homemade jam for years from fresh berries. I had some less than great strawberries and blueberries pushed to the back. I chopped the strawberries and threw the blueberries in with some lemon juice and sugar. The berries begin to back down and burst in the pan. After about 15 minutes, I added in a small amount of cornstarch and water to thicken up my jam.

Everything was finally ready for dinner. The sweetness of the jam and cake like biscuit was just right for the hearty stew. Making these biscuits taught me never to think what I can't do. Who knows...maybe I'll bake a little more!

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