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Blanket Scarves!

Even though the groundhog saw its shadow, we are still battling extreme cold conditions in the Northwestern area of the country. Temperatures dipped down into the 20's and sometimes it's difficult to stay warm while remaining stylish.

A few years ago, I noticed new soft heavy scarves that became popular. I didn't know the name of them, but wanted one because they looked so warm. I saw them everywhere from Gap to Target to Nordstrom Rack. I finally purchased a scarf from Gap using some GapCash, but didn't know how to style it. The big difference between regular scarves and blanket scarves is the shape and size. It is a square rather than a rectangle.

YouTube is the best resources for everything! I found some helpful tips and styles for blanket scarves. The technique that caught my eye was to wear the scarf almost like a coat. I folded the scarf in half as a triangle, draped it over my shoulders with the point hanging in the back and added a skinny belt to define my waist. It was paired with a denim shirt and chinos from the Gap. I received many compliments on such an effortless look.

As the weather breaks and lighter outerwear will be worn, I'm sure I will rock more scarves. How do you style your blanket scarf?

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