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Decluttering for Lent!

The Lent season is a time when Christians usually take the time to give up something that is significant to them and their lifestyle. Many give up food items, such as coffee or chocolate, but immediately go back to it when the Lent season is over. I have learned over the years that this should be the beginning of a lifestyle change and continue past Easter.

I always try to be as realistic as possible with what my Lent choice. This year I stumbled across an idea to give up clutter for Lent. Each day you are to take a bag of items that you no longer use and give them to charity. Being an avid shopper and thrifter, I have an abundance of items, including clothing, shoes and accessories. I used to keep items just to say that I had them, but if it hasn't been used in the past 3 months, it's no longer needed.

Last weekend, I went through my outerwear and purse closet (yes I have a closet just for those items), and was able to purge quite a few things. As the days go on, my pile gets larger with pants, shirts and a few pairs of shoes. I plan to give the clothing away to friends, family and even some Instagram followers who are interested. Stay tuned to see what is leaving my closet!

Consider what you can give up for this season!

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