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Graphic Tees to Work!

Over the past few weeks, I have discovered how much I love graphic t-shirts. I purchase them anywhere from the thrift store to local vendors. Normally t-shirts are worn with jeans and sneakers, but would you ever think you could wear your graphic tees to work? I'll show you how!

During one of my Sunday afternoon visits to Goodwill for the 50% off color sales, I came across many unique graphic tees. One of my favorites I picked up was a simple tee with a giraffe tucked in a pocket with the words " I Dare You." I knew I had to have it and couldn't wait to get it home to style it for work. Since I work in a federal government building, the dress code is not very strict, so I'm able to creatively express myself in my fashion. I wore the tee with slim ankle pants and houndstooth flats. I finished the look with my cropped red leather jacket from Fia's Fab Finds.

Graphic tees can also be worn with skirts. I recently bought a handmade thrifted printed skirt. I didn't want to just wear it with something plain. While I was waiting in line at Goodwill, I found the cutest simple tee with an inspirational message. It reads "You're Super Funny and Insanely Nice and Everyone Really Likes You." It was so cute with hot pink Uggs and a denim vest.

Don't ever think that you have to live in a box. Graphic tees can be worn with everything from sweats to a tulle skirt especially with the Spring weather coming. Expand your horizons with your fashion and rock your graphic t-shirts. I'm sure you will turn some heads in the office!

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