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Hyde Your Jewelry!

Earrings have become a huge part of my image since I cut my hair many years ago. I especially love handmade ecletic earrings because of the creativity and uniqueness.

Last summer, I would see funky leather earrings floating around Instagram from Hyde Your Jewelry. Her earrings were beautiful, but I could not get my hands on them. Since the company was local in DC, I wanted to see the earrings before purchasing. In the heat of the summer, I finally got an opportunity to see Hyde Your Jewelry at Lee's Flower Shop in DC. I was so overwhelmed by the colors and styles in front of me.

Cody is everything! She is the designer and face of Hyde. She rocks the earrings so well and her coordinating outfits gives ideas of how to rock the jewelry. I introduced myself and told her that I had been Instagram stalking her. She was so sweet and made it a point to remember my name and check on me while I was shopping.

Fast forward, almost a year later, I am a Hyde lover and rock her jewelry as often as I can. She is at the Spice Suite the first Sunday of each month for a pop-up and we all love her. Women come to pick up their customized jewelry and check out the new creations she has. The best known secret of coming to Cody's pop-up is shopping in her pineapple. These are her sale items and are deeply discounted. Recently she had a great sale where she was offering 3 pair of earrings for $99.00! Everyone was so excited to shop with her.

Her favorite style of earring is called Just Funky and can be worn with anything. I even bought her leopard funky earrings because they are her favorite. During the sale, I was happy to find a pair of Flavored Scrunch earrings that I had only seen online. Denim is included in the scrunched earring and goes with almost anything. I always get compliments when I rock her jewelry and never hesitate to share her information with admirers. She has something for everyone and you won't be disappointed!

Hyde Your Jewlery


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