My Trip to the National Museum of African American History and Culture!

My mommy came down to visit for Mother's Day weekend and it was awesome. Toward the end of the trip, I surprised her with same day passes to the African American museum. Since it has opened, she has wanted to visit, but because of how hard it has been to get tickets. Since she was here, we decided to make a trip of it.

This was a rainy morning, as we trekked to the Metro station to head to the museum. Our passes allowed us to arrive at 11:30. I figured that it would not be too crowded because it was a rainy weekday, but there was still a line. The museum is designed to literally take you back into the 1400's and experience from slavery to current day. You are escorted into an elevator and taken down to the lower level. The level literally takes you through a mile and a half walk through history from the importance of sugar in Africa to Emmett Till's casket. Each area gives deeper explanation into history. My mom and I learned so much from the experience.

As you move higher to other floors, there are areas dedicated to music, sports, film, tv, fashion and jewelry. My favorite area showed fashion from popular music artists including Bootsy Collins and En Vogue and LaBelle. Fashion is so interesting because the platform boots are coming back around!

After five hours, we conquered the entire museum. We headed to The Hamilton for an early dinner and to discuss our favorite sights. I suggest if you have not visited, check for same day passes on a weekday to get access to the museum. It is definitely worth all the hype!

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