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Overripe Fruit to Sorbet!

I've been so excited because it is finally watermelon season...or so I thought. During Memorial Day weekend, my favorite grocery store ShopRite had a sale on watermelons. I never know how to properly choose a watermelon. I had heard everything from knocking on it to make sure it sounds hollow to looking for the yellow spot on the bottom to show how long it has ripened on the ground.

I bring my watermelon home and cut right into it because Chewee and I love the sweet fruit and it's overripe. I didn't want to throw the watermelon away because it is a waste of money. I cut a quarter into chunks and put it into the refrigerator hoping that chilling the fruit would make it better, but it didn't.

Pinterest is the answer for everything when I need a cool recipe or remedy to an issue. I looked up recipes for overripe watermelon and came across a simple one for watermelon and strawberry sorbet. The only problem was that I didn't have a food processor. Luckily, there's always friends with appliances needed. The recipe was super easy to follow. Freeze your strawberries and watermelon in chunks. Combine the fruit with water, sweetener and a tiny bit of lemon juice. Pulse and blend until the consistency is smooth. It was so easy and surprisedly very refreshing. It is great as the ending to a great meal or even as a palette cleanser between courses.

This lesson proves that even overripe can be saved and turned into something amazing. Before you think of ditching it, get creative!

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