Hiker Trash!

Sustainability has become all the rage recently. We are all striving to do our part for the community and environment. This concept can also be fashionable. Imagine how excited I was to find a cool accessory that helps the community and can be worn.

Last weekend while walking through Eastern Market, I saw a crowd of people at a tent. Being nosy, I wondered over to find a variety of potato chip bags. As I got closer, I noticed that each bag had been transformed a pouch or bag. As the crowd thinned, I was able to browse their goods. There were all sorts of pouches made up on a variety of bags including Rap Snacks, Utz, and Martin's Chips.

Trevor was very welcoming and introduced Hiker Trash. He travels around the streets of DC picking up chip bags which is dope. It is definitely sustainable fashion. Each pouch is handcrafted by Trevor and has its own story. He was so passionate when speaking about each piece. There were even a few pouches with unconventional materials such as parking tickets and mylar balloons. Trevor is perfecting his craft and is working on fanny packs and even wallets.

If you are interested in some fashionable sustainability and supporting Hiker Trash, head to Eastern Market every Sunday and find Trevor!

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