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Curvy Girls and Crop Tops!

I love being a curvy girl and embrace it all. However, everything is not made for curves, but it doesn't mean that you can't rock the style with some tweaks. Crop tops have become popular again, but many plus size women don't feel like they can wear them. I recently figured out how to style them without feeling uncomfortable.

One secret is to find tops that don't show your entire midriff, but hit below your belly button. This way you have just enough skin showing. You may run into some difficulty when searching for crop tops. Distressing clothing has come back around from the 80's. Intentionally stretching and ripping clothing to make it your own is the perfect opportunity for curvy women. Toya of LTD Creations customized all your favorite t-shirts and jeans. She has created many "curve friendly" t-shirts for me. She cuts them right to my waist so I don't feel self conscious. Plus you are supporting a dope small business.

High waisted pants are my best friend. Usually curvy women's waist is smaller than their hips, so it creates a nice hourglass. They sit high on your waist but also gives room for hips. Since it's the summer time, I have rocking loose wide leg pants. They cover all your goodies, but are light and airy. I'm always looking for a bargain and usually find these pants at Goodwill (of course), Ross or TJMaxx. They usually have elastic waistbands and are very forgiving and comfortable.

Even though everyone is created differently, we can all be fashionable. Don't ever think because you have more curves, that you can't be sexy. Rock those crop tops!


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