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Curating a Finding Your Good Rack for Curvy Girls!

I'm sure many of you are aware that I am a contributing blogger for Finding Your Good which provides tips and tricks on sustainable fashion in the Greater Washington DC region. I have always loved Goodwill and have been shopping there since high school.

Being an independent blogger can be difficult to find and sustain an audience. Earlier this year, I was bought on as a blogger with Finding Your Good. The opportunity has allowed me to provide my viewpoint and Goodwill adventures to the thrifting community. Recently, I have been invited to curate a rack of clothes and accessories for an upcoming Summer Style Exchange. Carolyn, our fearless leader, allowed me to explore and pick items from the Alexandria, VA store. Each blogger was asked to pick items that appealed to them. In my opinion, it is not always easy for curvy girls to find thrifted items. I decided to choose items that were large and up.

When I began to choose items, I was apprehensive because I was thinking too hard of what I felt other women would be looking for. After a few minutes, I loosened up and went crazy. It gives me a rush to provide other curvy girls with fly thrifted items. We spent about 2 hours roaming through the store. I found a cart full of goodies and will be doing another sweep before the event to complete my rack.

I hope everyone is able to come and support me during this event. I will also be providing styling tips for these items. I am super excited (and a bit nervous), but am ready. Can't wait to see you there!

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