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Finding Your Good DIY Denim Bar!

Last weekend, I attended a dope event by Finding Your Good. They hosted a DIY denim bar, where you could either bring your own denim or buy all things denim from jeans, vest or a dress at donated Goodwill prices. The event was held near Adams Morgan in a historic building and the space was perfect.

Any embellishment needed was there, including buttons, trim, sequins, glitter, safety pins, fabric, and paint. It was so overwhelming to someone like me, who loves finished creations, but doesn't create my own items.

I invited one of my great friends, Ms. Stacie, along for the adventure. She is so dope and creates dope things and has worked with denim before. We both bought our own denim, including jackets, a shirt and jeans. Ms. Stacie already had an idea of her design which included a hand painted portrait finished with a material headwrap. I swear she's so creative! I gathered safety pins, buttons and trim for myself. We sat down and began to create.

I still didn't have an idea of what I wanted to do. I bought a pair of Gap jeans that were too long, so I knew I wanted to cut them to ankle length. Ms. Stacie taught me to create a micro fringe effect at the bottom of the jeans. I still want to distress the jeans more by cutting out the knees and such.

During the event, there was a guest who specialized in creating denim items without sewing. Just some good scissors and fabric glue! He also created a denim blazer with fringe that would be great for the upcoming Autumn season.

After the session, I started working on my jacket. It was so plain and I am anything but that. I knew I wanted to use neutrals and metallics so that I can pair the jacket with everything. I began with sewing assorted button and placing pins on the jacket in a cluster effect. I also cut the elbows out and added safety pins. I was pleased with the direction of my creation.

It was such a great turn out and event for a Friday night. I can't wait to finish my jeans and jacket for jean jacket weather!

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