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Call Your Mother Deli!

Cheers to "Thirty Fine!" Yesterday was my 35th birthday and it was divine. I didn't have concrete plans, but knew part of plan was to finally visit Call Your Mother Deli in Petworth.

I first heard about the Jew-ish deli while searching new food spots in the District. I even remember the exact location from when I lived in Petworth for close to 10 years. It used to be a Jamaican bakery many years ago and has since changed to this hipster deli. A few months ago on an early Saturday morning, I decided to try Call Your Mother. To my surprise as i drove by, the line was out the door and wrapped around the corner. I tried again weeks down the line and the same line was longer! I knew that I needed to go during the week.

As we arrived, there was no line on a Wednesday afternoon. We were able to walk right in, decide what to order and wait for our food. I ordered The Craig D. It satisfies my sweet and savory taste buds with bacon, chips, jalapenos, seasonal cream cheese and nectarine on a plain bagel. I also ordered the Pastrami Fried Rice, with sofrito, eggs and cilantro. The food arrived promptly and was fresh and piping hot.

Let's talk about this Craig D bagel! It was amaze balls and huge. I wasn't sure about the jalapenos because I don't like very spicy food, however there was minimal spice because the seeds had been removed. They added a fresh crunch similar to a bell pepper. The Pastrami fried rice was equally delicious. It was very different than Chinese fried rice and the pastrami added a nice saltiness. There was so much food and I was stuffed. I finished with a black cherry soda.

I'm telling everyone to check out Call Your Mother Deli. There is something for everyone and I can't wait to visit (during the weekday) to try the Efron featuring whitefish salad and the Julian on a chocolate bagel.

I definitely called my mother right away about this dope Jew-ish deli!

Call Your Mother Deli


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