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The Philly Bra Lady Sample Sale!

Last year, I wrote a blog about the importance of foundation pieces and shapewear,which holds a special place to me. A dope outfit will lose its flyness when you are not smoothed out underneath. Ladies, please know that shapewear and good foundation is needed for women of all sizes.

A few years ago, I began to follow The Philly Bra Lady, who offers professional mobile bra fittings in the Tri State area on Instagram. Through our online interaction, we would communciate on similar likes. She recently organized and offered a Sample Bra Sale which I was excited to attend. I invited Towanda and my mom to attend on a Sunday afternoon. Towanda drove up that morning and scooped my mom to head to the venue.

We were welcomed into the space and checked out the bras that were on display. The bras were priced from $10.00 to $40.00 and included many styles with sizes D cup to K cup. As a woman with a fuller bust, I appreciated having bras available at reasonable prices. There were longline bras to strapless bras. Towanda and I were able to find bras that fit our budget and our bust

I was so excited to find a seamless black bra that was comfortable and provided lift. The price of $30 was great for such great quality. While we were visiting, I was able to meet Karima face to face finally. When I came back from trying on the bras I had, my biggest fan (my mom) had told her who I was. We embraced and it was great. She was so appreciative that we traveled for the sale. It is great to see women of color entrepreneurs living in their purpose.

I'm sure we will see other soon and hopefully collaborate on upcoming events!

The Philly Bra Lady


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