Amber's Travel Essentials!

Traveling is so exciting, but packing sucks. Each day is a new opportunity to express myself through fashion; therefore it is difficult for me to plan ahead on what I may want to wear. Thankfully, my most recent trip was a 2 day trip to Boston. Each trip is a little different, but I include the same essentials for my trips.

Rolling Duffle Bag

Suitcases can be expensive and picking a great one can be difficult. The hard shell rolling suitcases are pretty and colorful; however they confine your space. Instead, I prefer a rolling duffle bag because you can pack more inside. I found a cute Vera Bradley duffle with a separate area I use for footwear and tolietries at my local Goodwill. It is light and can be used as a carry-on.

Unitees Wrap

My favorite sweater/wrap is from Unitees and is reverse dyed. The cool thing about this wrap is that it has sleeves which makes it more comfortable. It can be worn in different way for a hood and feels like your favorite blanket while on the plane No matter the season, I am always equipped and wrapped.

Slip On Shoes

Who else hates stripping down for TSA security line? It is the worst to have to take out your electronics, take off your belt, and the worst take your shoes off for search. My easiest solution is to wear easy slip on shoes, such as flip flops in the summer and uggs in the cooler temperatures. You never want to be the person in line holding up the lines fussing with your laces.

Neutral Jewelry

I am a jewelry addict and it is difficult to scale down my selections for my trip. During this trip, I wore my beloved stack of healing stone bracelets from New Vintage By Sam and Nordstrom Rack. That way I don't have to worry about a bunch of jewels floating around in my bag. I would also suggest packing simple earrings, such a diamond studs or hoop earrings that will carry you through your trip.

Packable Jacket

Boston is beautiful, but chilly. The breeze that comes from the water drops the wind chill factor about 5 degrees. The downtown Boston area overlooks the water and a jacket was definitely needed. I love my Unitees wrap, but I needed something a little heavier for the following day. My favorite Buffalo Exchange is all the way in Somerville; a whole 400 miles from DC. That evening after my meeting, I took the train to Somerville and found the cutest Zara olive jacket with patches. It is light enough to pack into my rolling duffle bag to get back to DC.

I hope these essentials are helpful to you for the next time you travel. What are your travel essentials?


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