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Remixing Leftovers!

If you are anything like me, leftovers get boring after the 2nd day or so. Since I haven't mastered how to cook for a single woman, I always have a bunch of leftovers lingering in my fridge. I have been very conscious of getting rid of food, but have been trying to come up with creative ideas to remix these foods.

While my mommy was visiting for the long weekend, I made some chili and cornbread for those brutal cold days we had. We both aren't bread-eaters; but you can't have chili without cornbread. With a full pan and half of cornbread left, I racked my brain for an idea.

Each Sunday, I strive to make a hearty meal for dinner. I decided to roast a whole chicken and use the leftover cornbread for cornbread stuffing! Sunday afternoons are usually sent at Eastern Market Farmers Market. They have great meats and deli items inside of the market. One is a poultry only space that sells ground hot turkey sage sausage. It is so so spicy, but equally flavorful. Before I went home, I stopped at Aldi for some cream of chicken soup and onions. The recipe was very simple to follow. I browned the sausage, crumbled the cornbread and added the remaining ingredients. Since the sausage was spicy, I diced up some apple and added it for a bit of sweetness. It went into the oven for about 25 minutes and came out divine. The ends were crispy just like I like it. I ate about half the dish that evening. And to think;I almost threw that cornbread away.

During the chili weekend, I also made jasmine rice. Even though I know the ratio for rice to water is 1:2, I still make too much rice. I also wasn't letting it go to waste. I went to Pinterest to find a recipe for copycat Hibachi fried rice. I love that rice because it tends to not be as salty or heavy as Chinese fried rice. I had everything in my kitchen except for green onions. It started with dicing up some carrots and onions. I sauteed until translucent. I also shredded the leftover chicken from Sunday into the rice to make it an entree. Next I added the cold cooked rice, soy sauce, garlic butter, Trader Joe's Everyday Seasoning and green onions. It was so bomb and easy. Even the leftovers for lunch were good.

Tip: It is best to use leftover rice for fried rice because it doesn't have as much moisture as fresh rice.

This week, I challenge you to not waste leftovers that are in your fridge. Get creative and remix them into a new and exciting dish!

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