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My 2020 Planner!

Happy New Year!

Can you believe that is the year of our God 2020?! it doesn't even sound right to say out loud. The new year brings more meetings, popups and business to be recorded. What better way to stay organized than a new planner!

One of my Goodwill thrift/blogger friends Ronessa is obsessed with planner life. i have also purchased yearly planner and around March, I am totally over it. However, she makes planning look so much fun. A few weeks ago, Ronessa had a discount code for her planner. In addition, there was a one day sale for an additional discount off of the entire website. I knew I wanted to design and order my 2020 planner.

Erin Condren designs the flyest planners. I was so overwhelmed with the numerous choices to pick from. At first, I thought I wanted a planner with vibrant flowers. As I continued to search, I discovered that you can design your own planner from scratch. As an indecisive, yet creative person, this was exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time. First I was able to pick the type of planner I wanted. They ranged from simple to more complex for busy people who are always on the go. I selected the Life Planner, which helps me keep record of my days down to the hours. There are also pages for monthly goals, birthdays and inspirational quotes.

I was also able to choose the colors, font and personalized message for my planner. I didn't know what to choose. However, I came up with "I love Food & Fashion" because I do. I also added a bible scripture which describes how God knows the plans for our lives to prosper. I was also able to choose a picture for the back of the planner. It is laminated so it will last for the entire year.

Ronessa is also a budgeting genius. With money I saved from using her discount code, I purchased a budget book to keep track of my spending for the year. I am committing myself to being more conscious of my spending for the upcoming year.

The planner arrived and was carefully packaged. It is bright and vibrant and I love it. I can't wait to write my plans for the upcoming year! Check out Erin Condren if you are interested. They are offering 20% of all 2020 planners and calendars. Thank me later!

Erin Condren

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